Mitchell-Yancey Habitat for Humanity (M-Y Habitat)

Position: Volunteer Coordinator


Position Description:
The Volunteer Coordinator is responsible for all aspects of the M-Y Habitat Volunteer Program.

This includes the recruitment, retention, processing, and coordination of all volunteers, including construction, ReStore, committees and any other supportive volunteers. 

This position works with board and staff members to ensure that all volunteers have a positive, safe, and productive experience while working towards M-Y Habitat mission and purpose.

The Volunteer Coordinator reports to the Operations Manager and Board of Directors, and collaborates with the Construction Supervisor, Construction Committee, Development Coordinator and ReStore staff.




Collaboration and Communication

  • Works with the Board of Directors, Operations Manager, Construction Supervisor and the Construction, ReStore and Development Committees to identify the volunteer needs of the affiliate. Develops a working knowledge of the mission and vision of Habitat and becomes familiar with the affiliate goals and current programs and activities.
  • Coordinates and communicates with sponsors, corporations, local businesses, churches, schools, community groups, etc. to schedule and organize volunteers.
  • Provides the Operations Manager with a weekly report of current and upcoming activities.
  • Assists in managing the external communication channels of the affiliate; website, Facebook, etc.
  • Contributes to the annual affiliate Newsletter for volunteer related activities.


  • Ensures on-going recruitment of new volunteers from new and different sources and responds to all individual and group volunteer inquires.
  • Develops and implements strategies for actively soliciting, engaging and maintaining new volunteers.
  • Attends and represents the affiliate at volunteer recruitment fairs, events and speaking engagements.  Schedules and completes one speaking engagement per month and keeps a record of the locations in a database. 

Event Management

  • Coordinates volunteers for events on workdays and at the ReStore, and ensures that sufficient volunteers are present to accomplish the tasks at hand.
  • Oversees food, staging, lodging accommodations and related logistics for applicable volunteer activities.
  • Develops and implements formal and informal volunteer appreciation programs and monitors volunteer satisfaction.
  • Assists in the planning and coordination of home dedication ceremonies.

Record Keeping and Reporting 

  • Maintains a volunteer database with records of volunteer activities, including members of teams, volunteers, number of hours worked, and contact information.
  • Ensures that all volunteer liability waiver forms are properly filled out, signed, and maintained.
  • Maintains and shares on a regular basis electronic photos of volunteers and activities with the Development Coordinator, and specifies full names, dates of engagement, and locations. 
For more information or to apply call Misty Evans at (828) 766-9000 or email her at
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