Mitchell-Yancey Habitat
Position Description: Bookkeeper

Area of Focus:

This position is responsible for the overall financial system and support of the operations of the MYHFH affiliate.

Hours: 10 hours per week, contract employee

Salary:  Commensurate with experience

Reports to:  Board of Directors

Responsibility and Authority will include:

·         Maintains all permanent financial files

·         Perform in QuickBooks daily bookkeeping entries, including receipts of mortgage payments, donations, construction expenses, and all general administrative and operational expenses.

·         Maintains homeowner financial status and information in Mortgage Ledger and QuickBooks.

·         Reconciles bank statements

·         Prepares the financial reports for the Board Treasurer for monthly Board of Directors

·         Monitors and reports variances versus expense budgets for affiliate.

·         Monitors and reports variances versus expense budgets for construction projects.

·         Writes and files reports to various governmental agencies and HFHI, e.g. 990, 1099 forms.

·         Monitors and reports cash flow.

·         In conjunction with Affiliate Mortgage Company, monitors annual payments to homeowners’ insurance agencies and real estate taxes.

·         Monitors and reports to the Board of Directors status of homeowner mortgages.

·         Works as an affiliate liaison with Affiliate Mortgage Company verifying and resolving issues related to mortgages payments, late fees, escrow shortfalls, etc.

·         Reports to the board affiliate requirements from HFHI and resolves or redirects to appropriate board members, staff, etc.

·         Collaborates with the Executive Director and Operations Manager on administration of financial affiliate issues


Inquire at:

Or mail to: Habitat ReStore- Personnel Committee, 563 Oak Avenue, Spruce Pine, NC 28777

Mitchell-Yancey Habitat for Humanity
563 Oak Avenue

Spruce Pine, NC 28777
(828) 766-9000