We believe that everyone deserves a decent place to live, and that you can do something today to make that possible for another family.

What We Do

We build affordable homes for families in need.

We operate a home repair program that makes homes healthy and safe, and allows seniors to age in place.

We run a thrift store for home furnishings and building materials.  Proceeds from the store help fund the building of new homes.

Help us in our mission

Join in the joyful work of building a family a home for a better life and a beautiful future



Thank you to the Spruce Pine Rotary Club!  They provided the windows and doors for our house rehab project in Burnsville and supplied the labor to put them in!



Helping Hands

A great year for some awesome volunteer groups.  Church groups, contractor volunteer days and homeowner partner sweat equity make the affordable house possible!


Equinox Woodworks Volunteer Day


Wake Forest Church Workday


Partner Family Volunteer Day


A New Home

Dolores and her family celebrate the beginnings of their new house, attending a volunteer day for laying the foundation.  All Habitat partners engage in "sweat equity" putting in volunteer hours to build their home and the homes of others.

Dolores and her Family


A New Partner and a Home for a Family.

Mitchell-Yancey Habitat renovated a house in Burnsville and found a new partner for a beautiful Habitat home.

Tonnie and Her Kids on the Front Porch


Dedication of Their New Home

Dedication of Their New Home

Tanya poses with three of her children outside their new home at the dedication on Sunday, October 18, 2020.  Even in a pandemic we were able to provide a family - a single mom and her children with a home.  Their house is the first in a small subdivision in Mitchell County.  We plan to build a second one in 2021.

Learn more about becoming a Habitat partner, here


Donate to the store, volunteer at the store, or shop. Proceeds from the ReStore support our efforts to build homes for local families.


563 Oak Avenue
Spruce Pine, NC 28777
(828) 766-9000