Local Potter Creates

By Robin Warden

Linda has spent 40 years as a potter starting at age 13.  She has lived and worked in Mitchell County since 1976 and served as a board member for Mitchell-Yancey Habitat and a member of the Family Selection Committee.  Linda shares her belief that if you see something that needs to be done and you can do it, then do it.  Thus in 2006, she initiated the affiliate’s first Women’s Build Program. Women’s Build is Habitat for Humanity’s program for women who want to learn construction skills and build homes and communities. This program brings together women from all walks of life to address the housing crisis facing millions of women and children worldwide. A core group volunteered once a month ranging in age from 16 to 70 years with most having no building experience, except for Linda who built her own home in Mitchell County.

Linda Sharpless in her pottery studio in Mitchell County

Fifteen years ago, Linda also felt it would be a good idea to provide special mugs for Care-A-Vanners to drink coffee while volunteering on a local Habitat build.  RV Care- A-Vanners is a volunteer program for anyone who travels in a recreational vehicle, wants to build Habitat houses and have fun doing it.   Since that time, she has been making 40-50 pottery mugs annually for Mitchell-Yancey Habitat.  Her functional and attractive $20 mugs have been for sale at the Habitat ReStore, the Celo Inn, and the Celo Craft Shop every since and funded over  $ 2,200 in donations to our affiliate.

“I am pleased to have been a part of a group of very strong Habitat supporters in Mitchell County who helped to build the Habitat mission here.  There are so many families in need in this area and the most difficult task I have taken on for Habitat is finding and selecting families for Habitat homes.” shares Linda.